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PEAK PERFORMANCE PT provides a complete solution to your health & fitness goals. We specialise in;

Fat-burning & tone-up
Muscle building
Improved fitness & conditioning
Improved nutrition
Sport-specific training
Post-injury rehabilitation
Military-specific preparation

Our Approach

We strive to deliver complete, specific, personal training programmes. Utilising a wide variety of techniques and methods - 
gathered from over 15 years in the fitness industry and designed to keep your body and mind challenged -
ensures you will achieve your goals.

You will receive a detailed initial assessment and analysis of your current health and fitness, followed by a study of your
short, medium and long term goals. We will then create a bespoke fitness programme that will efficiently and
effectively get you results.

The support doesn’t end when your session does; we recognise that to maximise your progress it is important that you
stay motivated and focussed in between sessions, which is why we also provide home workouts, nutrition ideas and
even early morning wake-up calls!



The Gym @ Bury St Edmunds RUFC, Southgate Green, BSE, IP33 2BL
The Gym @ Suffolk Academy, Church Farm, Barrow, BSE, IP29 5AX

Both of these locations offer a quiet and friendly fitness environment, with toilets, showers & free parking


 We have a wide range of equipment that ensures we can replicate most exercises you would perform in the gym anywhere you like! Providing you with the flexibility of training wherever and whenever; at your home or at your local park.


1/2 hour consultation - FREE
1 session - £50
10 sessions - £450
20 sessions - £800

Small print

Dependent upon location there may be an additional surcharge to cover travel costs
10 session packages - all sessions must be scheduled within an 8 week period
20 session packages - all sessions must be scheduled within a 10 week period

An existing pt client’s story…

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“This is Margaret. I’ve been PT-ing her since December 2016. She has a number of physical issues that would easily give her the excuse to never exercise at all, including rheumatoid arthritis in her back and knee, for which she takes a chemo drug to help with the pain.

Sometimes our sessions together are just about doing ‘something’, however short or slow. In early Spring 2018 we had a conversation that went like this...

Margaret - ‘I’ve done something silly, I’ve signed up to my first triathlon!’
Me - ‘Oh cool, I’ll do it with you! Have you gone for Super Sprint or Sprint distance?’
Margaret - ‘Olympic!’

One of my favourite quotes is from Alice in Wonderland when Alice says ‘This is impossible’, and the Mad Hatter replies ‘Only if you believe it is’.

.Margaret believed it WAS possible, and so in late Summer 2018 I had the privilege of pacing her through...

🏊🏼‍♀️ 1500m swim
🚴🏼‍♀️ 44km bike
🏃🏼‍♀️ 11km run

As well as feeling incredibly proud and honoured to cross the finish line with her, I was even more in awe at her determination to never give up!"

Nick Smith, Head Trainer

believe. train. achieve.

How many success stories do you need to read or hear about before you create your own?