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Running is a sport just like any other, and therefore - to improve - time must be put aside to focus on technique and drill work.

All runners know that to become better they need to run frequently, and incorporate a mixture of speed work, hills and long runs to help increase endurance and improve performance.

But very few runners - even the most experienced ones! - consider analysing the phases of their running form, breaking them down just like a footballer would with a volley, or a tennis player would with a backhand shot.

Small adjustments to areas such as posture, knee lift and cadence can quickly accelerate progress… without any extra energy expenditure!

why peak performance gait analysis?

  • Assesses running biomechanics

  • Analyses lower limb symmetry

  • Utilises the latest ‘ViMove2’ technology

  • Video footage recorded using ‘Hudl Technique’

  • Professional advice on how to improve running efficiency

  • Bespoke strength & conditioning workout prescribed

  • Reduces the risk of injury - PREHAB NOT REHAB!

  • Improves performance

Using the ViMove2 wearable motion sensors, analysis can take place anywhere - indoors and outdoors;


The Abbeyfields Clinic, Brittania House, Brunel Way, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7AJ

Current availability;

Wednesday 1-4:30pm
Friday 1-4:30pm


To be discussed during initial phone consultation

Current availability;

On request

price - £45

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